FirstNet Begins To Build Its Ecosystem

The FirstNet contract to build a nationwide public safety broadband network is less than two months old, but government and industry officials alike say they’re excited by the work that’s already underway. “FirstNet is in the process of putting together its own ecosystem,” FirstNet board member Teri Takai said at an event in Washington D.C. “There will be a developer platform, there’ll be testing and certification, there’ll be an app store for distribution of those applications…. That infrastructure is going to be important. ”


911 Dispatchers Use New Technologies to Quickly Locate Cellphone Callers

The key to successful 911 call location for local agencies is the incorporation of several new technologies including phones with better GPS locating capabilities and the 911 center’s adoption of CAD systems synced with Google Maps. “Here in New Hanover County we don’t have too much difficulty in locating someone,” said 911 dispatch trainer Matt Langley.

911 Dispatchers Use New Technologies to Quickly Locate Cellphone Callers